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* Flat 20 % Off For First Time Shoppers - GRACE20 *

* Flat 20 % Off For First Time Shoppers - GRACE20 *

* Flat 20 % Off For First Time Shoppers - GRACE20 *

* Flat 20 % Off For First Time Shoppers - GRACE20 *

* Flat 20 % Off For First Time Shoppers - GRACE20 *

* Flat 20 % Off For First Time Shoppers - GRACE20 *

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  • Sustainable

    Eco-friendly dyes, low energy and water consumption.

    Organic cotton, hemp, Tencel; produced with minimal environmental impact.

    Designed to last longer, higher quality. Hemp is the most durable sustainable fabric.

  • Natural

    Conventional dyes, higher energy and water use.

    Regular cotton; high water and pesticide use.

    Often less durable, designed for short-term use.

Meet Anousshka

Anousshka was founded by Anoushka Sadarangani in 2021 and made available to all your gracious people in 2022.

Anousshka is a lifestyle brand built on the foundation of being conscious; towards the ecology & our consumer.

Bringing together an array of products that are perennial, and inspired by natural designs and materials.

With Anousshka add a touch of whimsy, an ‘extra’ to the ordinary everyday!

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Flat 20 % Off For First Time Shoppers

  • Sustainable Fabrics

  • 100% Eco-Friendly

  • Quality & Comfortable

  • Soft & Breathable

  • Versatile

  • It's a great jumpsuit, very skillfully designed and stitched, the fitting were perfect and the owners were extremely sweet and helpful. The material is very comfortable on the skin and breathable. It looks very smart without even accessorizing. Even with a sexy design it doesn't feel to revealing or uncomfortable. I'm absolutely in love with the piece.

    Fahama Khatun

    The only pair of pants you'd want to wear every single day. Wear it with a tank top or with your kurta, it is so versatile, a classic keepsake piece of clothing.

    Drishti Shah

    Loved these pants, they fitted me very well and were very comfortable, perfect Indian summer wear!

    Sunita Agarwal

    The semi-formal dress has quickly become my favourite! It is so comfortable on these summer days. I completely recommend this purchase and would absolutely buy again! The fabric used here hemp is much much cooler and gives me the vibes of a routine go to outfit!

    Khushboo Bhatt

    Love the fit and fabric of these pants. Can style them with absolutely anything.


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