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Article by Juderic Braganza

Anousshka Clothing
Homegrown, seasonless, and ready-to-wear, dream of making sustainable living more tangible. The eponymous label launched by Anousshka Sadarangani in the year 2022 caters to those who believe in reusing and restyling their garments.
Consciously designed to add a little something to your wardrobe while keeping in mind the environment at large, the brand believes in providing its audience with high-quality products at affordable prices. Pieces to look out for include their Origami Sleeved Dress, an elegant piece with meticulous details, and a range of flirty cut-out dresses.
With a calming colour scheme of pleasant light blues and greens, Anousshka seeks to make clothes that are soothing to the senses and good for the environment. Add to the mix their super-chic up-cycled hemp sliders, and you’ve got yourself a stunning summer look.

Anousshka Homeware

Homeware products are made from 100% teakwood and add a touch of class to your living space. Of special mention is their distinctively carved flat teakwood candle stand, a surefire way to awe guests at your next dinner party.
With a growing community of conscious consumers who believe in gracious living, self-awareness, and sustainability, the brand vision has always been to make clothing for a circular fashion space.
Maximum usability and minimum waste are inculcated into each product. Holding gratitude for everything the Earth gives us and making sustainable living economical is what Anousshka does flawlessly. Outfits from the brand are investments; their apparel can be paired with numerous styles, making sure you feel your fashionable best at all times